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Every Second Researching Is
a Second of Not Prospecting

If you wonder why prospecting databases take such a long
time to navigate, we wondered that too!

Then, we created a different experience – simple layouts,
minimal scrolling, and only the filters you need to get
to the right person, faster.

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Webtelligent employees contact data by company search
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Prospecting Experience Supported by Infotelligent

List-Building Tools

Do you feel like your list is not
big enough to produce enough
leads and fill in your pipeline?

Use our capabilities to find more
accounts by company size, industry,
or territory, or find look-alikes based
on your list.

Target More Accounts and Produce
More Leads

Subscription Size

Don’t be forced into the plan
that doesn’t work for the
company of your size

Access only for what you need. We
offer highly tailored subscriptions or
unlimited plans, SMB or Enterprise.

Select a Subscription That’s Right for Your Company Size

Convert Faster

You can only zoom in on

with a current intent around your
services or product, powered by Bombora.

Weekly Digest of Top 25
Accounts for FREE

Flexible Pricing

Did your B2B Data Provider
just raise the price, again?

Chose subscription that fits your
growth needs and we will make
sure it fits your budget too.

Get the Deal to Fit Your Budget

You Get It All with Same Subscription

You don’t have to choose between Infotelligent and WEBtelligent.
They both are built to give you access to the same data: Demographics, Firmographics,
TECHNOtelligent, and INTENTelligent – no bait and switch.

Use Infotelligent Subscription

for Demand Generation, Sales Planning, and Marketing Operations. Build and augment marketing database, target accounts list, cold email lists.

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Give Your Reps WEBtelligent

to assist them on every step of the prospecting journey and instantly give them contact information to reach to leads, anytime and anywhere.

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Review our capabilities and compare what Infotelligent can do for your entire team with what your existing tools cannot

Help Me Compare

Our Decision-Makers.
Your Outreach.

Infotelligent is obsessed with data quality.
We refresh and augment contact data real-time
as decision-makers move, get new jobs,
companies merge, etc.

Reach out for the latest counts and the composition
of our data by contacting our HQ.

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