You can now find any decision-makers’ email and cell phone just by visiting their company website (for FREE)

How many mouse clicks does it take before you start a conversation?

You probably go to LinkedIn to spot a couple of prospects, then search a complex prospecting database to find an email address or a phone number
for these decision-makers.

As a salesperson, you want your prospecting process to be as simple as possible. Endless clicking creates way too much friction, slows you down and distracts you from the main goal – selling. Instead of closing deals, you are stuck doing repetitive research work.

What if you had a FREE assistant following you on your prospecting journey and providing you with contact information while you’re visiting any company website? Would that bring you closer to reaching your sales goals?

If you answered yes, meet Infotelligent Chrome Extension, your new FREE sales helper:

Infotelligent Chrome Extension helps you easily find prospects’ contact information in your target accounts right from the company website. Think of it as your own LinkedIn Sales Navigator, just it’s FREE and available on every website you visit.

Here’s how to get your 150 FREE prospects per month:

  1. Install Infotelligent from Chrome Web Store

2. Create a free account

3. Open Infotelligent Chrome Extension on the website of the company you’re interested in

4. Start building a new relationship with Infotelligent B2B contact information!

❓Did you know that you could also find anyone’s contact right from their LinkedIn Profile?

Follow this link and discover how to find contact information right from LinkedIn Profiles!

Are you ready to stop searching and start selling?

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