What is email appending? Its importance and advantages in a business

Who doesn’t want to run a business successfully irrespective of the surfacing challenges? 

As consumer needs and tastes continue to change with time, the modes of communication with prospects also evolve over the period. After a certain point, unpredictability in reaching out to the target audience takes over a business journey. However, digitization has addressed such uncertainty with a feasible solution- Email Appending.

What is Email Appending?

The process of adding consumers’ email addresses to the existing record of a company, matched against the third-party database is known as email appending. It provides updated and complete information on the business prospects.

What is Reverse Email Appending?

Unlike regular email appending, the term applies to using the present email addresses of customers to match against a data provider’s record. The process entails a crackdown on names, postal addresses, contact numbers, and other details of prospects.

Why should a business stick to the best practices of email appending? 

When a company sends emails to new customers who didn’t opt for such a facility, they feel irritated. Instead, abiding by the golden standards to circulate the opted-in updates can increase the potential of engaging the target prospects in a better way altogether. 

How does email appending work within the industry?

To get started with the process, a company initially obtains a customer’s basic credentials like name, phone number, and email id. The acquired info is then cross-checked with a master file to fill in the missing details within the database. When the data stands validated, one can send a welcome message to the appended email addresses. 

Later on, the appended file has to be sent to the client for their reference.

How much do email appending services cost?

Email appending services are available based on a single match. The price of consumer records is higher compared to business records. The more precise and updated is the info, the more is the rate of such records.

Ideally, append rates for business emails somewhere range between 10-25%(before data validation). The match rate depends upon the quality of input by the deployed professionals.

What are the advantages of email appending?

  • Cost-effectiveness: It eliminates the need of purchasing or renting new databases from time to time.
  • Paves way for better communication: When the email addresses of customers stand verified, business communication takes off the set limits. 
  • Allows marketing across multiple channels: It allows organizations to carry out marketing in more than one channel( social media platforms). 
  • Brings in considerable database: It fetches various elements for the existing database and increases the chances of getting hands-on several opportunities held in sync.
  • Encourages market survey: It helps brands run market surveys on newly launched products or services, and improve the overall performance of the offerings via feedback.

How to use email appending services correctly?

  • Updating the database of current customers

Email appending serves best for the existing customers of a business. On the other hand, it can be used when anyone asks for any info, fills out a survey form or questionnaire, or requests to get in touch in offline mode(conference call or trade events).

  • Select the right provider 

When selecting a partner who offers email appending services, research the best provider in the market. During the review, consider two factors about the firm- its expertise in email marketing and the policies related to privacy. If the provider doesn’t have a comprehensive understanding of global anti-spam laws, never go for signing the contract. 

  • Explore the way of data matching by the service provider 

Before you appoint any firm to take care of email appending services, you must know the process of data matching by the provider. Therefore, ask the company to run a test batch on the CRM data before handing over the complete file. Once it’s done, you’ll be certain about the percentage of the correct email ids against the previous list.

  • Abide by opt-in rules and anti-spam laws

If you’re into email appending, both anti-spam and opt-in rules will be applicable in the domain. For instance, sending emails to those who didn’t opt for it won’t foster a healthy relationship between the brand and the prospects. 

What can be the other way out for B2B companies?

Either way, even if you don’t go for such a service, Infotelligent’s accurate database can help your brand flourish throughout the sales funnel, reducing the bounce rate. Its data vault cross-refers to multiple fields for delivering the ideal B2B data to clients.

Why is email appending crucial for B2B companies?

If your company specializes in B2B sales, email marketing is one of the most powerful strategies to create an impact on the targeted prospects. When implemented rightly, it helps a business grow over the period. 

While the email ids of leads might change at any time, some leads might even unsubscribe your brand updates. Hence, the unparalleled significance of email appending. That’s not the end, as one can also expand the current database of prospects as and when needed by resorting to the process.

Are all B2B sales processes the same?

B2B sales is never a simple task for marketing and salespeople to perform. Hence, the methodologies vary based on the requirements.

What are the challenges of B2B sales?

  • As business executives might switch organizations, it becomes difficult to come across their valid ids in the long term.
  • If a business has to survive the fierce competition, it has to be innovative enough to attract potential leads.
  • When prospects change jobs, their retention becomes quite challenging.

How can email appending be beneficial for B2B companies?

  • It boosts customer engagement for a company.
  • It reduces the email bounce rate, followed by an increase in web traffic.
  • It can offer instant benefits in terms of scaling success.
  • It helps a business to get connected with ideal prospects, thus maximizing ROI.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How do you append an email?

Email can be appended by matching a known customer record against the database of a vendor. It helps update the available database with the consumers’ present email ids along with other info(as needed).

  1. What does appending to server mean?

Email appending is the process of adding emails to the existing database(names, contacts, and addresses). A third party might merge a part or whole of their database with the client company’s records.

  1. What is reverse email append?

Using present email addresses of customers to match against a data provider’s records followed by a crackdown on names, postal addresses, contact numbers, and other details of prospects is known as reverse email append.

  1. What is appended data?

Data append defines the process of adding new data points to an existing database. It bridges the missing information if any in the previous record.

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