The ultimate guide to finding anyone’s contacts details on LinkedIn for FREE

If you’re a salesperson, what do you do if you find that one LinkedIn profile that looks like your ideal prospect?

Research their company page and try to get past switchboard? Send a connection request and hope they accept it? Go to a third party database and start searching one by one?

And when you finally send out an email, are you afraid that it will bounce back, making all your prospecting efforts go to waste?

Do these struggles sound familiar? Then look no further! Infotelligent Chrome Extension might just be the perfect solution for securing a packed pipeline really quick!

Infotelligent is a simple yet powerful tool that will help you stay on top of your sales process and have all the contact information at your fingertips without ever leaving LinkedIn: phone numbers (including cellphones), email addresses, and even buyer’s intent signals to boost your sales pipeline. And, most importantly, it’s completely FREE to use!

Here’s how to secure your 150 FREE prospects per month:

  1. Install Infotelligent Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store

2. Create a free account

3. Open Infotelligent Chrome Extension on a prospect’s LinkedIn profile

4. Start building a new relationship with Infotelligent LinkedIn contact information!

❓Did you know that you could also find anyone’s contact information while visiting their company website?

Follow this link and discover how to find a prospect’s contact information on their company website!

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