The Secret to Improved Sales Connect Rates? Direct Dials!

Every time a sales professional is picking up the phone to call a prospect, the end goal is to improve the connect rate.

The main reasoning behind this is obvious: your connect rate—or, to be more precise, the rate of attempts a sales development representative makes to “connect” with his intended target—is the most important sales growth metric. As industry experts proclaim, any sales representative could take part in the following scenario:

Say you manage a 25-person sales team and each member makes 52 calls per day. Assuming your team works 250 days a year, you would conduct 18,055 conversations per year. If you improved your connect rate by just one call, you would generate up to 1,063 more sales conversations.

Not every conversation will turn into a sale—that’s a certainty. But when the connect rate is higher, you will have 1,000 more potential opportunities to reach enterprise-level prospects and win highly profitable deals.

Improve Your Call-to-Connect Rate and Reach Your Prospects Faster

Given that it may currently take an average of 18 calls to connect with a potential buyer, a vexing question arises: is there a way to speed up the call-to-connect process? As it turns out, there is—all you need to enrich your connect rate is your prospect’s direct line.

Direct dialing swiftly improves your sales efficiency as it makes industry players 147% more likely to connect with a VP-level representative.

How much will it actually take to connect with this high-level prospect by using direct dials? Only 5 minutes in most cases—which typically means that you will:

  • Reach more prospects in less time
  • Combat call reluctance with confidence
  • Connect with decision-makers directly

Yes, using direct dials is the fastest—and perhaps easiest—way to improve your sales connect rates. Don’t assume, however, that every direct line will be efficient for getting past gatekeepers. Only verified direct dials will grant you instant access to your most coveted prospects—and for that, you need the helping hand of a data provider.

Partner Up with a Data Provider and Gain Access to Accurate Direct Dials

A data vendor is the key enabler of improved connect rates for a few simple reasons. It will source the optimal direct dial numbers while also providing accurate, timely, and comprehensive insights about your top-level prospects to help you propel your ROI faster.

What else? What are some of your thoughts on enriching your sales connect rates through direct dialing?

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