What is a sales pitch? An ultimate guide to craft a winning pitch

Not every sales pitch can fetch business against the competitive world. To stand out from the crowd, it has to strike the right note for the other side- your prospect. If you’re a beginner in the field or wishing to get a good jolt in your experience as a sales professional, the article can help you redefine the existing strategies and get a much-awaited revamp towards accomplishing new milestones with measured outcomes.

Definition of sales pitch

When a sales professional tries to persuade their audience to believe, purchase what he has to offer, it’s called a sales pitch. The offering can vary based on situations such as a chance at a meeting, information on a product or service, or a personalized pitch. However, when someone presents a sales pitch, it should be quick, precise, and catchy to attract the attention of the prospect.

While the term ‘sales pitch might appear a bit conventional, the concept has stayed significant to date for every sales team. In a nutshell, it aims to explain an offering’s value to the targeted buyer. Until the lead is informed about the value proposition of a business, why will they spare a moment to move forward?

Either way, the trend of presenting lengthy, product-oriented, and monotonous sales pitches has gone out of style. 

For instance, think about twitter’s tactics. It has cut back on people’s attention spans to brief statements of no less than 280 or fewer characters. That said if a sales pitch doesn’t appear compelling and to the point for the target audience, they will simply say no to it. Daniel Pink has come up with six types of classic sales pitches to crack the mold in his book ‘To Sell is Human’. Let’s find out the different formats of sales pitches.

1. One word sales pitch

Can you squeeze the whole presentation into a single word? Although the strategy might feel worthless, it carries the power of a brand in one word. That’s what lends absolute authority to a business. Think the other way- when someone is thinking about you, he utters a word rather than describing your nature and vice versa. In the same way, a sales pitch works. All you need to do is to identify a single word that stands for the offering and use it as a zestful tagline.  

2. Question sales pitch

If you’re confident that the customer somewhat or completely understands the worth of the brand offering, base your sales pitch on this pattern. Unlike throwing your pitch as a statement, twist its content like a question. Say, if you would have written “X factor will reduce your company’s costs”, the pitch will read “Would X factor reduce your company’s costs?”

Question pitches attempt to persuade the audience to present their reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with the value statement. In other words, when someone takes account of personal reasons to believe something, the belief gets endorsed more firmly, increasing the likelihood of acting on it.

On the contrary, if the proposed pitch fails to convince the lead about the offering’s value, it can pave the way for further evaluation for consideration. In such a case, the prospect might be unsure of the suggested value. Therefore, it’s always important to explore the customer’s mindset before applying the tactic.

3. Rhyming sales pitch

How come sales pitch and rhyme? The technique brings in fluency to the communication as the brain slices, dices, and stimulates the conveyed meaning. Moreover, rhyming statements carry improved accuracy in comparison to the non-rhyming ones, while the message stays the same. Thus, a simple couplet can give you a unique identity in the sales journey. 

4. Subject line sales pitch

While you must have been formulating mesmeric email subject lines all the way, why not use that expertise in your sales pitch? According to Pink, powerful subject lines adhere to 3 principles- utility, specificity, and curiosity. But incorporating each element into a single sales pitch would be trashy. Either it should completely point to utility or urge a sense of mystery. That said, the more information audiences are getting exposed to, the better will be to avoid curiosity-triggering subject lines. The best alternative would be to write two different sales pitches driven by specificity- one utility-oriented and another an intriguing type. The former can be a sound means for busy prospects or those immersed in the info provided by competitors’ or internal stakeholders’ webpages. Now coming to the latter, it can be targeted to the beginner leads who don’t have to hurry in their businesses and can go steady enough in the funnel.

5. Twitter sales pitch

A tweet must constitute two elements- clarity and succinctness. If you were to craft a sales pitch not exceeding 140 characters, critical insights and creative thoughts about the USP of the offering had to be spoken off. Most of the time, a presentation bears some unnecessary elements which are cut back in a concise pitch. Other than that, even if you remember every feature of the brand offering, it shouldn’t be presented in a way that overburdens and confuses the prospect in perceiving the core value. 

6. Pixar sales pitch

Pick up a marvelous storyline and you can find Pixar’s role behind it. You should adopt the same appeal into your sales pitch that resonates with your audience. The structure will look like this- Once upon a time _____. Every day, _____. One day _____. Because of that, _____. Because of that, _____. Until finally, _____. Because the phrasing can hammer the leads instantly rather than reciting the facts in a boring method.

Studies unravel only 5% of prospects remember stats as against 63% who reflect on stories. Again, the traditional sales pitches and data-focused PowerPoint slides actuate two parts of the brain, while story-based ones trip seven regions of the mind altogether. Being a sales rep, you should always place the buyers first and at the center. Here is a practical life example-

Once upon a time, recruitment agencies struggled to find the right kind of talent matched with the needs.

Every day, they flipped a couple of social media platforms going through multiple biodatas to sort the appropriate candidate.

One day, a new software surfaced in the market to automate the search process and select qualified applicants based on sophisticated algorithms.

Because of that, the recruitment firms were able to fill the vacant positions in an efficient way.

Because of that, they could serve an increased number of clients without compromising productivity.

Until finally, the agencies generated more customers with maximized revenue goals.

Lastly, you can’t set the game on fire without a perfect sales pitch. Hence, rehearse it beforehand to your close ones until the technique stands mastered.

Tips to start a sales pitch

  • Begin with the problem
  • Tailor it to the particular industry
  • Present stakes to leads(When you draw attention to the possible risks related to a business, it paves way for buy-ins right away).

Tactics to make an effective sales pitch 

Resort to a time limit and length: When pitching over email, don’t take more than 30 seconds to deliver the message. Also, stick to a maximum limit of 1-2 sentences.

Kick-off with a real-life amusing story: When you start your sales pitch, bring in an amusing story of someone you know. If you behave genuinely, the other side will also appreciate it. Nothing can replace the authenticity you can show by being yourself.

Trigger a question related to the relevant problem: Ask a question that relates to the problem you solve. Stick to yes or no questions. Don’t ask open-ended questions over a sales pitch.

Begin your pitch with stats: As said, figures play a major role to stay imprinted in one’s memory. You must use stats that resonate with your audience. It will help secure buy-ins in not more than 3 minutes.

Prepare more content to be sent across internally: Create two-deck versions. Place relevant text in the first one to mentor the conversation, whether be its important data, subheads, or short bullets. Coming to the second version, it would be for the lead’s internal resort. You can elaborate on every point from the slides as per the prospect’s needs.

Tips to make a sales pitch

  • Keep it short.
  • Resort to clarity.
  • Explain your target group and their problems.
  • Define how the offering can meet the prospect’s needs.
  • Spell out the success post implementing the solution.
  • Curate headlines with 16-18 words to boost engagement.
  • Have a consistent and systematic approach following daily responsibilities and meetings.
  • Streamline your distribution channels.
  • Set the number of leads to be pitched within a specific timeline.
  • Create eye contact with the leads(they are the gateway to the soul, speaking a lot more than what words can). 
  • Stand straight with your chin up(it can overcome nervousness, lack of confidence when speaking).
  • Give a firm handshake to your prospects.

The Sales Pitch Framework

  • Identify the problems
  • Offer your value proposition
  • Brief the steps to address them
  • Attach proofs with a real-life success story(Present reference instances, share a list of achievements, industry accreditation, awards, customer success stories. Give it an emotional and personalized tone, add some real and corporeal value to it).
  • End the pitch with a subjective question

Ideas for a convincing sales pitch

  • Tell an impactful story
  • Incorporate a value proposition
  • Customize your sales pitch to the leads
  • Sharpen your message as much as possible
  • Rehearse it before the final presentation
  • Don’t use metaphors(it might mislead target groups)
  • Build a WOW moment in the journey
  • Include emotional strings 
  • Incorporate humor(puns, memes, cultural references)
  • Base your statement with facts
  • Stimulate the fear of missing out among prospects
  • Educate the audience with relevant info

Key Takeaways:

  1. How do you make a sales pitch?
  • Keep it short
  • Resort to clarity
  • Explain your target group and their problems
  • Define how the offering can meet the prospect’s needs
  • Spell out the success post implementing the solution

2. What needs to be included in a sales pitch?

Four elements should be there in a sales pitch namely:

  • Personal message (A prospect should feel the personal touch when contacted)
  • A compelling solution tailored to the problem
  • Prove the value proposition with social testimony
  • Follow up after making first impressions

3. What is an effective sales pitch?

A sound sales pitch will acknowledge each client’s specific problem via research, offering appropriate solutions to them each time.

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