Reach More Decision-Makers With Fewer Clicks

Reaching B2B decision-makers in 2021 can feel like climbing the Everest—quite challenging and with few chances of reaching the top. 

With more than 67% of the buyer’s journey now happening digitally, bringing in the right customers at a constant pace requires high-quality digital content marketing. 

This starts with good social media leverage. More precisely, salesmen can and should use platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to find qualified B2B decision-makers. However, this should not happen randomly, as you don’t want to transform your sales process into an endless research project. Instead, leveraging a B2B prospecting database, like Infotelligent’s FREE Chrome Extension will help you start selling faster.

The next step in your journey towards reaching more B2B decision-makers is to provide real value UPFRONT. Get practical at attracting good quality leads by offering relevant content tailored to the needs of their industry. This includes articles or free white papers/e-books that showcase how your product can address their existing problems. At this point, you want to convince your potential leads that you can provide an actual benefit for their businesses. 

Then, as you are already aware of the potential of social media in reaching decision-makers, it’s time to create custom audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook. Use these segments to promote yourself and avoid cutting corners at all costs at this stage: well-researched and in-depth content is key in order to position yourself as a relevant provider. 

Leverage advanced web analytics tools and discover the companies that showed interest in your content. Then, follow up with them and get on the road of building long-lasting relationships without being pushy or too generic. Show your prospects that you care enough to deliver personalized experiences and give them the space to get to know your product. 

One final step would be to send decision-makers content through direct mail. Engaging with your prospects on multiple touchpoints is a recipe that will warm them up, making the transition to the next stage of the customer journey.

To conclude, reaching more decision-makers with fewer clicks shouldn’t feel impossible because it is not. Climb that mountain by leveraging the right digital tools that reduce the sales cycle.

Infotelligent’s FREE Chrome Extension, a 100% manually-built and verified B2B prospecting database, can speed up the process of finding qualified leads. Now you can reach more prospects with fewer clicks and increase your chances of closing the deal!

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