How Intent Data Sets SDRs Up for Successful Prospecting

As Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) hyper-personalize their outreach, they can increase pipeline by as much as 70%—or run up against a hard reality: “personalization is good,” explains Jack Veronin, “but relevance is better.”

Relevancy is more than an offer, product, or service that is diligently tailored to each client. It is, as industry experts proclaim, a base for developing dialogue, establishing engagement, and improving the flow of the conversion process—from interested contact to qualified lead to satisfied client.

In B2B Sales, Relevance Begins with Intent Data

SDRs that extract the full value of intent data:

  • Identify when prospects begin their purchasing journey and form buying committees
  • Locate the geographical regions that display the greatest interest in the company’s products/services
  • Recognize changes in customer sentiment in order to prevent churn

After prioritizing top-value targets, companies find that prospects with high-intent signals are more likely to respond to their cold calls—and in some cases, (at least) 6X closed-won targets show intent to purchase.

Harness the Power of Intent Data to Build Sales Intelligence

Typically, SDRs want to focus their efforts on the prospects that have the highest probability of buying their company’s product/service and closing the deal. If SDRs are cold prospecting, making use of accurate intent data “is usually the best way to win the probability game,” says Jake Biskar, Manager of Sales and Business Development. When SDRs prepare for a sales call, it’s essential to:

  • Know if the prospect shows an active interest in the company’s product
  • Discover if the prospect exerts influence over the decision-making process
  • Evaluate the motivations behind each search query and decrypt prospect behavior

SDRs will try to engage sales-ready prospects in relevant conversations—and they will benefit greatly from actionable intent data to get in front of prospective buyers, build high-converting messages, and personalize their outreach to specific contacts. This sales intelligence will allow any SDR to focus on authenticity and make the transition to a trusted advisor—a sales representative that offers value, thinks long-term, and builds profitable relationships with buyers.

Intent Data Prompts SDRs to Hone in On Top-Value Prospects

SDRs are continually trying to pinpoint when is the best time for a company to buy and, as Jake Biskar outlines, “that’s why intent data comes in helpful.”

A valid list of high-intent prospects allows sales representatives to prioritize their efforts for greater impact. After honing in on a prospect that is qualified to buy, SDRs can enrich their understanding of this contact to deliver more targeted messaging, improve the success of their outreach, and increase their conversion rate in less time.

What else? What are some of your thoughts on arming SDRs with intent data?

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