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Is that the state of the marketing data in your organization? Are you one of those companies who have a lot of B2B data to dispense but yet can’t meet your lead generation, sales, and revenue targets? Then, it would be best if you relooked at your B2B data acquisition/sourcing policies to get a better ROI on your marketing dollars.

Just having humongous data won’t solve your problem; your data must be clean, current, and relevant. It has been found that over 30% of the data in your database decays each year and 3-5% every month. According to Harvard Business Review, only three percent of companies’ data meets basic quality standards. According to “2017 Global CEO Outlook” by KPMG, 45% of CEOs say a lack of quality data hinders their customer insight, and 56% of CEOs are highly concerned about the integrity of the data upon which they base decisions.

So, where do most sales and marketing companies go to get the most accurate and relevant data?

Here is a list of 25 B2B data providers that can help you get data you can trust:

#1 – Slintel

Slintel is a B2B data provider company that is active in the mid-market segment. Syntel provides accurate, ethically sourced, and freshly curated data for people, companies, and technology stacks.

Some useful insights into Slintel:

  • 15M+ Companies tracked
  • 250M+ leads
  • 25k+ unique technologies
  • Historic data – 3 years
  • Subscription – annual, usage-based

B2B data from Slintel help you find your next customer by providing you with up-to-date information. You understand your prospects’ preferences and their pain points, thus helping you pitch better. B2B data from Slintel can also help you identify and pitch to your competitor’s customers, especially those with upcoming renewals. Some of the customers of Slintel are IBM, Freshworks, Asurit, Allegis, TATA, and Google.

To know more about Sintel and various solutions, visit

#2 – EMM (Every Market Media)

EMM is an email-centric marketing data compiler and B2B data-services consultant. Their core databases – Business Executives (B2B), Global Executives (B2B), and Global Businesses (B2B) enable customers to increase the ROI on their marketing and sales spend.

Some critical insights into EMM’s B2B database:

  • 60.9M Business executives with email, phone, street address
  • 72.2M Business executives with at least a deliverable email
  • 580M Unique consumer emails
  • 298M Unique business emails
  • Subscription – annual, usage-based
  • Historical data – 5 years

EMM’s consultancy services and B2B databases are helping customers achieve higher open rates for their email marketing campaigns, increased sales, and establish quality data supply chains.

For more information on EMM, visit

#3 – Infotelligent

Infotelligent is the leading “Target Buyer & Go-to-Market Intelligence” SaaS platform developed by a team of experienced marketers and former sales representatives who have tried to fill in the gaps in the current prospecting tools, B2B databases, and services.

Infotelligent’s SaaS platform and B2B databases boost your qualified leads, increase the number of accounts you target, increase your win rates, shorten your sales cycles, and help your sales meet their target on time.

The data provided by Infotelligent is clean, reliable, and accurate. After machine processing, the data is sampled to identify inaccuracies and correct them through an online and phone verification process by 400+ data-quality specialists.

Some useful insights into the Infotelligent B2B databases:

  • 20M+ buyers
  • 1.6M companies
  • tracks 7,500+ installed technology products
  • Flexi-subscriptions or unlimited plans
  • flexible and reasonable pricing, pay for what you need

Infotelligent analyzes online behavior and website engagement powered by Bombora, provided free by Infotelligent to its customers, unlike other B2B data providers. Together, they offer a powerful intent platform to predict buying intent early on and strengthen your competitive displacement campaign.

Some Infotelligent customers include Deloitte, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Customer quote

“We’ve seen about a 271% return on our ROI for display and paid social when we combine Bombora Company Surge® and 1st party data through a couple of other providers.”

– Ben Howell, Head of Demand Generation and Paid Digital at Salesforce

Infotelligent seamlessly connects to Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and more to help you get productive on day one.

To know more and grow more, book a demo by visiting

#4 – AnalyticsIQ

AnalyticsIQ combines cognitive psychology concepts and data science insights to deliver comprehensive and accurate marketing data that can significantly impact business.

Some details on AnalyticsIQ business core database:

  • 60M Professionals
  • 22M Businesses

AnalyticsIQ has progressed beyond the traditional email and cold-calling strategy to focus on new channels such as home-based direct mail, digital and social platforms, and even advanced TV!

To know more, visit

#5 – LeadSpace

LeadSpace is a frontrunner in the vast B2B database space. It uses AI to understand customer preferences and behavior accurately, thus providing clients with personalized sales and marketing data. In addition, the intent score generated by AI helps increase conversions. The LeadSpace CDP integrates with any 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party B2B data sources, thus integrating with your existing systems.

Some of the customers using LeadSpace products are Oracle, Microsoft, N3, Salesforce, and IBM.

For inquiries, visit

#6 – HyenaFox LLC

HyenaFox operates across 83 countries, including the USA. HyenaFox is a popular provider of verified B2B databases such as Business Email List, Email Marketing Database, B2B Email Database, B2B Mailing List, B2B Telemarketing Lists, and Consumer Emails.

Some details on HyenaFox databases:

  • 11M businesses
  • Data verified by a team of over 250 researchers
  • Guaranteed delivery of 85% – 90% of campaigns
  • Geographical spread across 83 countries
  • Industry-wise database

To know more about products and services, visit

#7 – Infotanks Media

Infotanks Media offers the best B2B marketing strategies and B2B databases with high-quality data for result-driven digital marketing campaigns. The B2B data helps generate 6x greater ROI as the fully verified and validated B2B database leads to maximum conversions.

It has been found that around 40% of data goes bad every year and 3%-5% every month. Hence Infotanks Media ensures that a verification process is followed using AI to ensure maximum accuracy.

Some highlights:

  • 95% email deliverability
  • 95% accuracy
  • Choice of 15+ data fields

For more information on how you can maximize your ROI, visit

#8 – LeadsIntel

LeadsIntel is a Sales Amplification™ company servicing clients worldwide. LeadsIntel provides 100% accurate buyer intent data, thus making your sales and marketing processes highly profitable. The company regularly cleans data using a blend of highly sophisticated Machine Learning Algorithms and Human Intelligence to bring out highly filtered data, ensuring a high chance of sales closures. In case you want to target a niche market, LeadIntel also offers services for customized research. As a result, customers can achieve 2x more appointments with potential buyers.

More details can be found at

#9 – Krill Technologies

Krill Technologies is a global outsourcing service and B2B data provider for technology companies working with traditional marketing and digital marketing approaches. Krill specializes in PPC, email, SEO, and Tele campaigns. Some of the services include B2B Content Syndication, Lead and Demand Generation, Account-Based Marketing, Audience and Market Research, and B2B Data Services.

Quick facts:

  • 8M+ target audience
  • 27M B2B records
  • 60%+ Email Deliverability
  • 10+ business verticals
  • Geographical reach over four continents

To know more about how Krill Technologies can help you, visit

#10 – DataForce

DataForce is focused on adding value to your business through the efficient use of technology. The B2B products and services are highly popular in the retail, telco, and banking industry. As a result, the company comes highly recommended by C-level executives from top brands worldwide.

Some of the clients include Vectra, Play, Eurocash, Toya and Rainbow, etc.

Some insights into Dataforce:

  • 4.8% revenue uplift from personalized offers in retail
  • 200% higher success rates in x-sell for telcos
  • 5x more efficient marketing team in telco

To avail of Dataforce expertise, visit,

#11 – aKQired

The company provides a real-time B2B Tele-Verified Database worldwide, including all industries with a delivery guarantee. They also provide accurate and reliable email marketing lists.

Some insights into their data:

  • 1K Contacts/Day
  • Five years of historical data
  • 100% verified Email and Phone Numbers

Dell, IBM, Citrix, Microsoft, and Oracle are some companies that have availed of the services of aKQired for B2B data.

Team aKQired can be contacted at

#12 – Global Database

Global Database provides an online platform for B2B information. Its comprehensive platform and integrated workflow solutions provide rich, accurate data on business leads, company financial information, credit risk, and technology a company is using.

Its data and solutions are trusted by thousands of sales, marketing, and finance professionals in market-leading companies, including Microsoft, Avaya, Cisco, KPMG, Maserati, DHL, Dupont, Iveco, Caterpillar, Ipsos, Motorola Solutions, Experian, and many more.

Some insight into the company B2B database:

  • 95 Countries
  • 18M company profiles
  • 64M Contacts

To contact Global Database, visit

#13 – Outward Media (OMI)

OutwardMedia is a leading provider of multichannel marketing data. Its B2B database is used across industry segments from Fortune 1000 companies to start-ups to speed up their digital marketing initiatives. Intent marketing, email marketing, and social media are their forte. In addition, OMI offers a comprehensive B2B specialty medical database with access to 60 million users.

OMI uses audience building and IP address tracking to enable precision targeting of customers. They also provide professional-grade database cleaning services.

Database/service stats:

  • 67M+ contacts with email 
  • 15M companies
  • 50M SMB contacts
  • 4M IP addresses

To know more about OMI’s data and services, visit

#14 – Datonics

Datonics is a leading aggregator and publisher of B2B data. The B2B data is finely refined based on purchase intent, interest and behavior, search data, life-stage, B2B, demographics, location visitor, and past-purchase data into 1500+ pre-packaged segments. Brands, Agencies, and e-commerce merchants are some of the biggest buyers of Datonics data and services.

Database/service stats:

  • 1.5K+ audience segments
  • 10+ years experience
  • 90% coverage of North American users

You may contact Datonics at

#15 – Data Marketers

The Data Marketers Group is reputed to provide reliable B2B data that supports data accuracy, lead generation, and account-based marketing aligned with the sales and marketing goals.


  • 50M Business Contacts
  • 100+ Market Researchers
  • 55% Client Retention Rate
  • 400+ Customers Served

The company provides mailing lists for niche markets such as healthcare, finance, technology, and international markets. The company boasts of clients such as Comcast, Nvidia, Rockwell International, Office Depot, etc.

The company can be contacted at

#16 – TrueInfluence

TrueInfluence is a B2B data provider that provides demographic, technographic, firmographic, and intent data. The company uses AI, machine learning, and natural language analysis of content to map intent activity to their taxonomy of more than 6,500 B2B topics. New topics can be added based on client needs. TrueInfluence has a presence in more than 160 countries globally, catering to almost all industry segments. Some of the customers of TrueInfluence are AWS, Adobe, VMware, Staples, Veritas, and SAP.

To know how you can benefit from TrueInfluence’s expertise, visit

#17 – Thomson Data

Thomson Data is a well-known B2B data provider and B2B solutions provider for various industries across the globe. It offers Location Targeting, Demographic Targeting, Technology Tracking, and Social Media Integration and provides industry-wise mailing lists for countries across the world.

The clients range from 200+ SMB Customers to Fortune 500 Firms, such as Reuters, Oracle, IBM, Experian, Panasonic, Taurus, etc.

To get in touch with Thomson Data, visit

#18 – RampedUp Global Data Solutions

RampedUp has over 30 years of MarTech experience and a footprint across three continents. Their global database can help you find your exact buyer within your target market. In addition, the suppression technology used ensures you don’t pay for records you already have today.


  • 500M Professional Data
  • 110M Consumer Data
  • 50M Company Data

You can contact RampedUp at

#19 – Infodepots

Infodepots provides B2B data services to businesses, helping them boost their marketing efforts. The 160+ data specialists from InfoDepots unearth business intelligence from data collected worldwide over various industries, locations, and categories.

Infodepots also provides Multichannel advertising solutions such as email, direct mail, telephone, social media, etc. In addition, you can source Technology Users List, Decision-Makers List, Healthcare Industry List, Industry-wise Data List, etc.

For more details, feel free to contact Infodepots at

#20 – Prominent Contact

Prominent Contact is a high-precision B2B data provider with a presence in Europe and the USA. The company provides B2B marketing data as well as industry insights. In addition, the company uses AI to obtain a 360 degrees view of the customer.

You can gain more knowledge on the company by visiting

#21 – 180byTwo

180byTwo is a prominent B2B data provider that provides data for boosting your company’s sales and marketing output. The company uses its comprehensive inventory of Intent, Account-Based , B2C, B2B, POI, Technographics, and behavioral data, to help you identify the most complex audiences and connect with prospects.

To understand more about how 180byTwo can help you, visit,.

#22 – BIGDBM

BIGDBM leads the industry in identifying, compiling, and verifying businesses. Our B2B data Intelligence provides accurate and reliable information to give you a 360-degree view of your target market. The B2B database is created using varied sources and compiled US data which is updated weekly. In addition, custom black box analytics increase the precision of targeting and reach.

Some insights into BIGDBM:

  • 360M Active Emails with postal address verification
  • 143M IPs attached to postal addresses
  • 109M Unique IPs attached to a mobile number
  • 340M Verified Mobile Identities

To use services from BIGDBM, visit

#23 – Cloudlead

Cloudlead is a B2B contact and account data provider with a very high match rate and validity ratio. It provides firmographic, technographic, demographic, and lead insights to maximize returns on your sales and marketing dollars. It also provides rich insights such as hiring activity, technology usage, funding status, etc. The company also offers social insights for social prospecting in the current digitized world.

To know more, visit

#24 – DataStream Group

Datastream Group provides a complete suite of data products and services covering both B2C and B2B markets. The company offers internet advertising data coupled with hashed emails, cookies, mobile location data, opt-in email lists, direct mail lists, list brokerage, data analysis and management, and email marketing services.

The consumer opt-in data is one of the largest, most accurate, and diverse databases in the industry encompassing 270 million consumers and 60 million households.

Datastream B2B is one of the most accurate and extensive B2B databases.

Some data insights for the Datastream B2B:

  • 33M Companies
  • 105M Contacts/Employees
  • 92M emails
  • 74M phones

The database is updated monthly to ensure clean and relevant data.

To know more, visit

#25 – Salutary Data

Salutary Data is a boutique provider of US B2B Contact records and offers custom data, data enrichment, data verification, and ABM append services. The company caters to Phone and Email Lead Generation Companies, Business Intelligence Companies, B2B Publishers, B2B Sales, and Marketing Technology companies.

Some insights about their data:

  • 45M customers
  • 26M direct dials and cell phones
  • 100% Email fill-rate
  • Quarterly data verification

To know more about Salutary Data, visit


The pandemic has completely disrupted the way companies operate. The B2B transactions have been digitized, and the value of good quality data can’t be undermined anymore. Sales Teams are closing big-ticket deals with the power of B2B databases. In case you wish to accelerate your sales with minimal efforts, book a demo with Infotelligent.

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