A/B Testing: The Secret Sauce for Marketing to Your Ideal Buyers

Intuitive thinking clues you into your prospect’s preferences, pain points, or business objectives; trouble is, it also gives rise to assumptions that may stifle growth.

Well-structured A/B tests eliminate the guesswork around prospect behavior to help you hone in on your ideal clients and their purchasing habits.

A/B testing is a controlled experiment that compares (at least) two different versions of a landing page, content strategy, or marketing campaign. To run such split tests, you must divide your audience into non-overlapping groups and randomly expose each segment to one of the two web pages: Version A or Version B. The end goal is to determine which landing page reels in your prospects and converts the most leads into customers.

Knowing who you’re going after will help you direct your marketing efforts strategically to draw in the right crowd and serve relevant offers to your highest-value prospects.

Attract Your Highly Coveted Customers

It’s important to routinely gather legitimate B2B data in order to assemble comprehensive client portraits for distinct goals, targets, and marketing offerings.

While the intelligent use of data translates into polished buyer personas, how do you narrow in on the real audience that is receptive to your marketing offers?

Use A/B testing to drive segmented traffic and build highly personalized campaigns for each buyer segment. Together, personalization and A/B testing can instantly enhance your website visitor’s experience, drive higher conversion rates, and set your business apart from the competition.

Approximately 80% of customers prefer brands offering personalized experiences today. Why? Paul Sanders, a thought marketing leader, provides a natural explanation:

Customers are far more likely to do business with you if your message is tailored to them and their needs—essentially if they feel special and feel like you are speaking directly to them.

Test each buyer segment within your target audience and tell a unique story with customized content.

But keep this in mind: inaccurate information paralyzes your A/B testing strategy. Revisit every customer snapshot periodically to discover if your ideal targets are still a good fit for your current marketing plan, identify new valuable organizational characteristics, and refine your testing strategies accordingly.

When in Doubt, Test!

A/B testing sits at the forefront of well-informed marketing decisions.

With every split test, you’ll find new effective ways to tap into your prospect’s mind. By gathering timely, relevant, and accurate behavioral information about your possible customers, you’ll eliminate assumptions, enrich your buyer personas, and validate your marketing strategy—faster.

Combine your A/B testing and personalization techniques, and market to your ideal buyers with confidence.

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