About us

Infotelligent is a team of passionate marketers and former sales reps

who used dozens of prospecting tools since they came on market, and always felt like something was missing.

It seemed like too many compromises were made in each product between the ops team needing a complex solution to generate and maintain company’s target lists, and sales reps who are constantly looking for ways to liberate themselves from off-task distractions to focus on just one thing – selling.

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Each prospecting database vendor we see takes a side:

it’s either an easy user-friendly interface with too little power for a power user, or a hard-to-navigate complex interface and tedious user experience coupled with the deep nuanced data.

We always wondered why buyers can’t get both?...

That’s how we came up with two products sitting on top
of the same great database:


for marketing, analytics, SDRs, and operations professionals working at a desk.

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Chrome Extension – Online Prospecting Assistant – for reps and SDRs on the move, prospecting and selling day in and day out.

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Located in Newton, MA,
we focus on the U.S. Markets
and the U.S. decision-makers.

Our database is consistently added
to and refreshed manually by 250
researchers, so that you don’t have to.

In a rare case that you find a contact who is no longer at the
account – flag with one click – and upon verification we confirm it
you get credits for two new contacts!

It’s a win-win for everyone.

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